Our Process

"If our 28+ years’ experience has taught us anything, it is that a well planned, systematically thought out project will produce fewer regrets and result in a happier client"

Let our experience work for you!

Dorman Home Remodeling, Inc. enthusiastically supports the "Design/Build" approach to remodeling. This process joins professional and well planned design with construction expertise from the beginning. We believe the benefits of this process are many, but central to all of them is having one point of accountability for the project from start to completion thus saving the client time, headaches and money.

Other advantages to Design/Build include:

  • Project feasibility and obstacles are determined early on in the process, thus reducing expenses for unnecessary plan revisions and change orders.
  • A realistic budget can be determined early on by the actual builder before money is exhausted on elaborate designs the client did not budget for. Throughout the design stage, the initial budget is kept in the forefront.
  • There will be less revision time. Builder can plan his/her schedule earlier so project will start faster than traditional methods.
  • The builder gets involved from the start. Knowing initially what the client expects from the beginning minimizes changes and additional charges during the construction, saving the client time and money.
  • The builder is current on what things cost and can provide input and offer suggestions early on to keep within the clients budget.

There are basically 4 steps to Design/Build when working with Dorman Home Remodeling, Inc.

  • Initial Call
  • Site Visit
  • Design
  • Construction

Phase 1: Initial Call

The initial call involves a brief telephone interview with you during which the scope of work is established. Broad costs of the project and realistic timelines to start the project may be offered. If there seems to be a good likelihood that we can meet your needs, we will schedule a date and time for a complimentary consultation. The first site meeting times are during normal business hours and we like all parties involved in the decision making to attend this initial meeting.

Phase 2: Site Visit

We meet with you at your house to discuss the project. We’ll ask a lot of questions about your ideas for the project as well as your family’s lifestyle. We’ll show you photos of past projects and introduce you to our company. Then, we’ll visit the proposed area and take measurements, if necessary. Feasibility and obstacles to the project will be addressed. By the end of the meeting, we’ll have a pretty good idea of the project and will offer "a broad ball park" of estimated costs and timelines for construction. If estimates meet your expected budget, we will send a letter of intent or proposal for design called our Design/Build Proposal. We collect a modest retainer to begin concept drawings to fully estimate the project. The retainer is fully credited to the project once construction begins. In some cases it is necessary to partner with registered architects or licensed engineers for particular design capabilities. We work with many design professionals in all areas of design/build. Sometimes a client will bring us their plans. We welcome that as well.

Phase 3: Design

After the first visit, a second visit is made to firm up measurements and assess existing conditions and how they relate to the new project. Conceptual drawings or schematics are developed to meet all of your design criteria, goals and objectives. Finish materials, features or allowances for these are determined to meet your budget and expectations. After preliminary plans meet your satisfaction, we introduce the plan to our project estimating department for firm pricing. All carpentry, trade contractor costs and materials are estimated. A firm price and detailed scope of work and written proposal complete with timelines and warranties is then presented. At this stage, 99% of our clients are pleased with the proposed project, final costs are at or under budget and the client is confident to move forward with construction. If for some reason you decide not to move forward with Dorman Home Remodeling as your contractor, we are paid for all time and design resources expended up to this point from the initial retainer.

Phase 4: Construction

Construction proposal is signed. Your project will be assigned a project manager that will be responsible for the project to its completion. Plans are tweaked to meet county building department requirements. Building permits are submitted. Once permits are approved, materials are ordered and project gets underway. All our work comes with an unconditional 5 year warranty against defects.